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Feb 28, 2019


If you are fortunate enough to have a Prenatal Yoga class offered near you, go check it out. Part of my birth plan for baby#1 was to go au natural. So we enrolled in a Hypnobirthing Intensive months before we were due and enlisted an experienced doula to help us through, what I prepared for an intense birthing process. ​


Come delivery day (and yes I was able to birth vaginally without an epidural) we didn't really call on our techniques.  Rather, my yoga instructor's voice filled my head to breathe through the "discomfort" - as she liked to call it during Power I/II hours with her (not taken during pregnancy, of course). ​


Besides breathing through, prenatal yoga also helps open your hips to make way for baby, as well as a muriad of other benefits. Interestingly, I had been taking it exceptionally easy with pregnancy #2, after losing our last 3 pregnancies, and went to a "Flow" class that the instructor modified for my pregnancy. I felt SO AMAZING the next day - no nausea or first-trimester exhaustion - I was convinced that I had miscarried yet again (thank goodness, I didn't). I found that an interesting tidbit to share on how amazing yoga can be while pregnant.


Once you get into your 2nd and 3rd trimesters, the weight of pregnancy will start to be uncomfortable (that's one way of putting it).  Getting into a pool will feel amazing. Getting into a pool and moving about with other preggeries will be magical. You get to learn of the newest places to go, gadgets to check out, new friends to make - two mommas in my class even decided to take a babymoon together since their partners weren't interested in doing one. ​


Before starting any exercise, just make sure you check with your healthcare provider to make sure it's ok for your unique pregnancy. Make sure the prenatal yoga class is, in fact, led by a prenatal certified yoga instructor. Prenatal water aerobics classes are often held at community pools that offer classes.  If you don't have a specific one with the "prenatal" designation, just going and modifying to your comfort level will also work. ​


And always, always, always, even if you're not exercising, drink plenty of water.