Ziplock Space Saver Packs

Marie Kondo will ask you to throw out anything that doesn’t bring you joy in your closet. All I’m asking is for you to throw out anything your little has outgrown.

And by “throw out”, really, I mean place into a Ziplock Vacuum Storage Bag. If you don’t already use these things, you either have adequate storage space and don’t need to bother anyway, or you are going to think these are the best things ever (like I do).

I use these to save and store clothes my eldest has outgrown as hand-me-downs for my younger son. And those my younger have outgown to save, store, and ship to my brother’s new baby debuting sometime later this fall. It’s exactly what it sounds like it is: a ginormous ziplock storage bag that you vacuum to suck all of the air out for easy storage. It can take an entire closet of clothing and put them into a small, solid cube.

Using these bags makes it easy and a great incentive to clear out the closets and start Spring with room to breathe and grow into new clothes!

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