What's That Smell??

Photo by Sparkle Illuminating Photography

"Poopy newborn diapers aren't that horrible, after all". At least that's what most parents think, that moment when the baby starts on real people food and sh*t gets real (no pun intended). Up until that point, while on breastmilk or formula, those stinky diapers are nothing compared to real human-produced waste. This is why a good diaper pail is essential for the household. (Unless you need the extra steps to run outside to your garbage can) There are several on the market. Surprisingly, not all are "hands free". Meaning many require parents to actively shove a full diaper into a small hole with their bare hands. 😱 ​ I love my Playtex Diaper Genie. You just step and gently place in the soiled diaper. Unless it's overly full, it'll automatically go into the chamber that locks the smelliness away. All without the hassle and mess of shoving anything and getting your hands yucky into a chamber of despair.

Readers, friends don’t let friends go without one of these.

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