Vacation Security

We've been sharing travel tips all week. Now we share our reviews of home security systems...for while you're on vaca!

Due to the travel of my husband, having a home security system is important to me for peace of mind. My dogs are the best at alerting me when something sounds or looks out of the ordinary. I am certain that while I am away they alert anyone near to my home as well. In addition, we use Vivint Smart Home alarm system. I am confident the alerts and notifications for doors open and the sensors throughout the home for carbon monoxide, glass break or movement will keep my family safe. The camera doorbell feature is great for communicating with anyone that approaches my doorstep. We have been Vivint customers for 10 years and the product continues to improve!

The ring video doorbell Pros ◦ Alerts you when someone is in your yard. ◦ You can talk to people who are at your door through the app on your phone no matter where in the world you are. ◦ Connects to Alexa easily ◦ Records all motion ◦ Has neighborhood alerts Cons ◦ A little slow to connect ◦ it doesn’t record continually like the nest The ring video doorbell starts at $99.00 on Amazon

We have Xfinity for our home security outside and Nest cameras inside our home. Xfinity has a phone app that alerts us, and their responders are quick to call us and police if something happens. It's easy to set and monthly subscriptions are actually bundled into our cable and internet bill, which has been fairly reasonable. We initially installed Nest cameras throughout the house to keep an eye on our geriatric dog but it's since been a helpful addition to our home security system and users can expand and add more cameras as needed.

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