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As Little K enters into Kindergarten this year, we are in the midst of figuring out uniforms. This is a new experience for me. As a boy, the uniforms are simple - we can choose from 3 color tops/sweaters/vests and blue pants or shorts. The girls have it a little more complicated as they have additional options of plaid or blue bottoms and pants/short/skirts or leggings.

Luckily with some guidance from friends who've already done this I got some great recommendations to check out.

Primary.com came recommended by a mom whose daughter is particular about how soft her clothing is. She was able to refer me and as a reward she got $10 to use and I got 25% off my purchase. Primary seems to have all the angles covered when it comes to comfort. Many options come tagless and still look good but be able to play on the playground with added stretch and room where it counts.

Gap has a uniform shop. I like the durability and comfort of Gap brand clothing. The sizing is larger than other brands (like Carter's for instance). We've been able to wear and pass down a lot of Gap baby and kid's clothes because they still look so good after a season of heavy wearing.

Lands End also has a uniform shop and if registered with your school can even embroider the school's logo on tops. I like that they have both the standard pique polo but also a softer interlock polo. I was pleasantly surprised that we had quite a few options for only having 3 colors to choose from - sweaters to jackets...you name it!

I was worried uniforms would quash our Little's creativity (he has a lot of silly shirts like "Drop the Beet", or my personal fav a sweatshirt of a planet and "Keep Earth Clean. It's not Uranus") but he is excited about his uniform. The kiddos younger than Kindergarten aren't required to wear uniforms so I think being able to wear his logo'd shirt will give him a sense of school pride and belonging. And it marks that he's officially one of the big kids in the school.

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