Toy Tuesday! Sago Mini Apps

Toy Tuesday! Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday we are showcasing a toy that we are loving up! Today we want to tell you about the Sago Mini apps for your littles.

Specifically geared for ages 2 - 5 (although we've been playing since before 2 and it's still a go-to for my son who is already 5), all of the apps are based on colorful and fun characters that children and you quickly grow to love.

From sledding in a tub or hot dog, to creating silly foods, or going on patrol with a superbunny, your child explores different worlds with each character and shares fun adventures by swimming, flying, zooming the character around on screen. Each adventure is open-ended so exploration takes place at your child's pace.

With over 30 worlds to explore, Sago Mini now allows a subscription for your little to access the games and the new ones that are frequently released. Games can be played without internet, which also makes these apps perfect for travel or dining with children. If you don't like subscriptions (because seriously, who can remember to "cancel anytime") you can always purchase each app separately.. If you are also Toronto-based, your child can take part of Sago Mini's Playtesting program. It's exactly what it sounds like - 30 min of play to test out the apps or toys (oh, and they have toys too) that are in development.

Happy app-venturing!

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