Toy Tuesday! Galt Playnest & Gym

Galt Playnest & Gym Toy Tuesday! Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday we showcase a toy we are loving up! Today I can’t get enough of the Galt Playnest & Gym! This play gym is perfect for traveling with babies under 1 years old. The base is inflatable so it packs down flat in your suitcase. The bars above is made up of light but durable plastic tubes that Velcro in. It is a safe and fun place that kept Baby A preoccupied for at least 30 minutes (hey, in baby time, that’s an eternity!). It comes with hanging toys as well as sewn in toys and “baby paper” with different textures and colors for a tactile experience. It only took a few minutes to assemble and has been great in our hotel room. It doesn’t take up too much room – in fact it slides into the pack and play well to be out of the way. There are warnings on the box like “Not for use in a pool” and “Keep away from fire”. I would imagine parents aren’t planning to use it as a fire floaty so other than that it passes the safety muster. This was a solid purchase for an easy toy to travel with. Because with two kids, it’s nice to keep at least one busy for a short amount of time!

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