Toy Tuesday! Bey Blades

Toy Tuesday! Each 2nd and 4th Tuesday we showcase a toy we are loving up! Today we're talking about Beyblades! K started collecting his own when he met another child and they began "battling" one another when his new playmate was kind enough to share his extra Beyblades and had a "stadium".

At it's core, it's essentially a spinning top. But if you ask a kid who collects them (or judgement here), Beyblades can be modified into over 100,000 variations of tops and apparently can also be augmented with an app. Beyblades spin and break apart if they hit against another or even the side of the spinning surface. The last one standing wins. There is even a Japanese cartoon series based upon the toys. I recently discovered that Beyblades are a universal toy that transcend geographical and cultural boundaries and age groups. We were traveling overseas and found ourselves in a department store, looking to pass the time, when several children ages ranging from 4 - 10 yrs old spontaneously gathered around a display table and started battling one another. It seems that carrying your Beyblades at all times is "a thing" after I spoke with several other parents. You know, just in case you find someone to battle. K didn't have any of his Beyblades, but we quickly got one from the toy department and he spent the next hour playing with strangers. The other boys, realizing K mostly spoke English even modified their behavior and did their countdown in English! By the end of the hour, K was trading launchers and "talking shop" with the other boys in broken English and broken Chinese.

You'd never expect it but a great deal of physics and engineering concepts are used when building a Beyblade. One can build for speed or stamina, the type of launcher you use will also make a difference. I'm sure any Beyblade kid can go into it in much more detail than I could, which is totally awesome and the point - the kiddos are learning practical science applications through play. There are also pink and purple ones to entice girls to join in the fun!

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