Thrive Market is Worth Checking Out

Based on Sarah's recommendation of how awesome Thrive Market is, I recently tried it out. Yes, they have a great and worthy mission and yes, it's crazy convenient that it shows up at your door, but what I really really like is that they have items that aren't carried in our local brick and mortar stores. We live in a metropolitan area, so I was surprised to find products that we couldn't easily pick up.

Specifically, Serenity Kids has protein rich puree pouches in many more flavors than what I can get in any store locally. And it's not protein rich because there is protein powder mixed in, they are made with protein rich foods such as beef, turkey, hello, uncured bacon...and they actually taste pretty good (yes, I try all the things before giving it to A to get an idea of what he likes since he can't verbalize it to me).

I'm also able to find many more healthy food options for my toddler who we recently discovered has food allergies. It's been a relief to be able to find a variety of things for him to try to get a balanced and healthy diet.

Thrive Market also has a great selection of pantry items and household and beauty products. Products are organic, non-GMO, sustainable, and non-toxic so if you specifically shop for those kinds of products, they've already filtered it for you so you don't need to do the research.

So check them out. We have made it easy and have a link for you here.

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