ThinkBaby Sunscreen

With all the things you need to get out the door with a baby, sunscreen is usually the easiest thing to forget! But baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and there are many and specific links of childhood sunburns causing greater risks of melanoma as an adult. So this is one thing that is extremely important for long-term health. First, it’s important to note that babies under 6 months old should not wear sunscreen as they still absorb most things through the skin. It’s recommended that they wear sun hats and cover up with clothing or thin blankets. There are even SPF baby playsuits parents can consider if you are planning to be at the beach. Once baby is beyond the 6-month milestone, sunscreen should be considered with great care. With all children, especially babies, parents should look into mineral-based sunscreens rather than chemical-based sunscreens. Mineral-based sunscreens are lotions that sit on top of the skin to protect from UVA and UVB rays rather than being chemically absorbed to protect skin. It’s easy to check as mineral-based sunscreens are usually labeled as such. Note that mineral sunscreens will separate – that’s ok and normal. So you’ll need to shake it up before application. Lastly, ever wondered why many sunscreens come in sticks? Besides easily getting through TSA at airports, a stick is easier to apply sunscreen on baby’s face rather than running the risk of gooping lotion that may run into baby’s eyes. It may not seem like a big deal until baby’s eyes are red from crying burning sunscreen into them and it burns and runs even more because baby is crying…it’s a vicious cycle that I experienced firsthand with Little K when he was still Baby K. There are several that we use in our household but we always trust Babyganics and ThinkBaby brands. For help getting some ThinkBaby, pop into the Shop and find it there!

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