• Sarah

Themed Halloween Costumes

One thing I love about Halloween is the ability to be creative and use our imaginations. We usually create our costumes over what our little one wants to be. It is so much fun to dress up for one (if not more than one night in October) and enjoy many fall activities.

Dressing up in a themed costume doesn’t have to be expensive. One year, our little one was a mermaid, so my husband and I both wore all blue to be the ocean. It was cute and fun, and she loved it!

We love to explore different opportunities and most cities and communities have lots of fun adventures throughout the month of October. This allows us to get the most out of our costumes. For years we have attended our local botanical garden to experience “garden after dark”, in addition to our natural history museum, state fair ground, zoo, and many more.

So, use your imagination and have a safe Halloween!

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