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SunBum Suncreen

Your skin is your largest organ, protecting it should be a number one daily goal for overall health. It’s pretty obvious for me that if I don’t wear sunscreen, my super white and transparent skin turns beet red. It’s not always obvious for my husband, Big G or little g. So, let’s talk about Sunscreen for all shades of skin! If my husband fails to protect himself from the sun, he gets a painful skin rash in the form of bumps that covers the areas exposed, his biggest defense is staying out of direct sunlight but putting on sunscreen regularly helps to ensure he eliminates his skin pain. For little g, we lube her up regularly. Her creamy beautiful skin will reflect a beautiful golden hue in the sun, it also soaks up the UV and will cause her just as much pain as when my skin turns beet red. Not protecting her skin could cause skin cancer later, it may even be more difficult to detect because her melatonin may hide obvious skin spots. We make sure we have face sunscreen all year long and when the summer clothes come out we love using SunBum brand and little g can get herself almost entirely covered and ready to play outside. Also SunBum is cruelty-free, reef friendly, and paraben free. Whatever brand you choose, find some with UVA and UVB protection and get outside and have some fun!

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