Spring Cleaning made Easier

Welcome to the FIRST DAY of SPRING! In celebration, we are going to tell you about our roaming vacuums. Because, you know, spring cleaning. Interestingly enough, we each have different models! "To keep my floors clean I use the Shark Ion Robot vacuum cleaner. I manage my cleaning schedule form an app on my phone and even see which days it vacuumed and for how many hours! I often run the Shark while I am away so I can come home to clean floors. It does a great job and moving through my home picking up all the dirt and dust. Some of my favorite Shark features include: easy to dump the dirt, easy to start and stop, does a great job on carpet, wood floors and tile, moderate sound level. My only criticism for the Shark is that it can get confused how to dock itself, especially if I pick it up and move it to a certain location. The Shark has saved me many hours of sweeping and vacuuming!" "We have the iRobot Roomba which we have loved! It does a great job sucking up dog hair and can be set on a timer. Also, the machine is totally aware of edges and avoids tumbling down stairs and crashing into pieces. I’ve had no complaints and really think for the money it’s been a great investment." "Samsung power bot R7010 robot vacuum Pros • It works on all floor surfaces • It won’t fall down stairs • It maps your room • It vacuums in straight lines instead of roaming around everywhere • Turn it on and walk away Cons • Sometimes it doesn’t find it way back to the charging station I love this vacuum so much I got one for upstairs and downstairs!"

"We have the iLife Robot. It has made our house very clean and clutter free when we use it because it roams around and gets stuck on cords and IKEA bags tucked in corners. So we usually pick up before it comes on. We don't have a ginormous house but we've actually lost it for days before finding it under a couch. It can be difficult to find its way home to its docking station. We have friends who love it and may just gift them ours :)"

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