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Spring Break Road Trip

Let’s be honest… stopping at the gas station and grabbing some salt and vinegar chips and a Coke Zero is my favorite way to start a road trip, since for me going on a road trip is all about the food as I’m not much of a road trip gal!

So, when planning a road trip, I like to put together grapes, apples, small oranges, carrots, snap peas, protein cookies and a few bottles of frozen water.

I always try to be prepared with snacks for my daughter since she has allergies and I don’t like to be stressed about finding her something along the way!

Another thing I have found to be helpful when going on a long road trip is to have small prizes wrapped up to give the kids every couple hours. In the same way that having my little treat keeps my mind off the long road trip, it gives the kids something to look forward to and something to play with along the way!

I also like to let her pick a few movies and games to load on a tablet, but I don’t pull it out until we’ve been in the car at least an hour, that way she won’t get bored with it too soon!

So, if you find yourself on a road trip don’t forget good snacks (some healthy some not), books, movies, games, and little prizes to keep your sanity!! What do you do for long road trips?

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