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Ski Lessons: Prep

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

In our house we anticipate the snow fall, because that means one thing, getting up to the mountain to enjoy some fun! Our beautiful Wasatch Front mountain landscape is now covered in white, and we are finally starting SKI lessons at Brighton Mountain Resort!

This year we have signed up our little ones for a five-week ski/snowboarding lesson track. They are all 5/6 years old and have had a few days on the mountain in the previous years. I wanted to chronicle this time period to hopefully help you plan or demonstrate things I wish I would have known/done so that you can be more informed and help you along the way!

First off- let’s talk gear. There are great ways to get your little one set-up and support your budget. The first is looking at local ski shops that may have a grow and swap program. This can range from 300-450 dollars, but the benefit is you can trade in the gear yearly as your child continues to grow. Another option is looking at buying from ski rental places at the end of the season. My little one is petite and we were able to get her set up for $70 for skis and boots. The boots also adjust and since her feet are so tiny, we will have them for a few years. Another great option is going to ski swaps or play it again sports shops. The ski swap option is great if you know what you are looking for and happen to luck out on finding the right size for your little one.

Another very important factor is WARM clothing. I have a great second-hand clothing store by me and for two years I have found a Spider Ski Jacket for under $20.00. We have also been able to find great deals at Costco, including a helmet for $30.00. Whatever you choose, having warm base layers will make a difference in how the day is going to go for your child. A cold kid is a miserable one. I mean you wouldn’t want to be freezing on the mountain and neither would they!

Night Before: A sure way to get started on the right foot is planning ahead so you can enjoy your morning coffee on the drive up the mountain. I like to have all of my prepping done the night before: gear, food, and cloths ready for action! Here is a sample plan:

I use Kodiak Cakes because they are high in protein which means they will last longer, and pair it with a portable peanut butter option. I also love the trader joe’s olives in a handy to go packet. Plus a vegetable/fruit is a must, and offers a well-balanced meal option. Make sure to also have a water bottle handy to rehydrate!

We also like to have all of our boots inside the house the night before so that they are warm. Also, we check the weather to ensure that we give ourselves plenty of time to get up to the mountain.

Here is a list of what we bring up on a typical day:

Snowboards/Skis, Boots, Hats/Helmets, Gloves, Handwarmers, Goggles, Coats, Ski pants, Warm Socks

Information regarding the lessons, Food/snacks, wallet, ski passes, thermos (hot water for cocoa/tea) coffee mugs, towel (to wipe down boards/skis before putting in car, backpack to carry stuff on the mountain.

This is just the beginning! Check back soon to follow how the lessons went and what tips and tricks I have continued to learn.

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