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Ski Lessons: Day 7

The kids have been doing fantastic and their confidence is soaring. They have absolutely no fear and love going fast. While as a parent, I am excited about this, I forgot that I also need to stress the importance of safety.

Now while I trust my little one, I think the old adage is it’s the other people out there that I don’t trust. I mean she’s tiny and cute and flying down the mountain. She hasn’t yet grasped the concept of merging trails, let alone understanding what a merge is…. So three things we stressed to her this week after lessons were:

  1. You must keep close to mom and dad- Yes I know that you like going fast, and yes I know that you excited to be called a “little ripper”, but I still need to be able to see you. (Losing me in the trees is not cool, you are making me feel older than I am!)

  2. People in front of you have right-of-way- No you don’t get to cut them off because you “think” they are going to slow. Kindness makes everyone have a good time.

  3. Helmets are a must- The good news for me as a parent is helmets are cool now, not like when I was a kid. In fact, I think that if I didn’t put it on my kid, she would freak out. So, remember, safety is super important, so that you all get to keep enjoying the wonderful snow.

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