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Ski Lessons: Day 4

What an amazing day!

We got 9” of fresh powder the night before and it kept dumping all day long! We also were able to pick up some learning opportunities, despite our best efforts to be prepared. The great news is the kids had a wonderful time and the instructor was amazing (Thanks Soph)! However, like I said, despite best efforts to be prepared, there are always things that can come up so consider the following:

  1. Morning Distractions- when you prep the night before, make sure that those morning items (pet care, loading the car, etc.) don’t derail your hard work. You may end up misplacing important items, such as coats, gloves, goggles, or helmets---- which makes for a long day.

  2. Snacks and Food- Always good to have snacks with your little ones. Unfortunately, the plan was for one of the kids in our group to meet in the cafeteria where his mom could buy a snack, however, his group changed plans and as a result didn’t end up back to the cafeteria for their break but rather a yurt on the mountain. This meant no snack for the little dude.

  3. Label Gear- Most of us are used to labeling the inside of our kids’ stuff, but it is nice to also label the outside. We used a small piece of duct tape and placed her last name on it. This makes it easy to tell apart your gear from other families. (We had one family in our group who had the same set up from a rental place as another family on the mountain)

  4. Change of clothes- Kids play hard and get wet! I wish I would have brought a spare set of clothing or even socks for her.

  5. Prepare for the Unexpected-With the snowfall, the canyon was closed and then creeped along as we tried to exit. A drive that normally takes 45-minute was turned into nearly 3-hour adventure! (An no this was not Gilligan’s Island) Things that would have been great, but we didn’t have in the car:

  • Entertainment- Books

  • Coloring Books

  • Car games

  • Food/Water- Our little one was really hungry after a long day of skiing

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