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Rothy's Shoes

What if I told you about a shoe that looks great and was comfortable for either casual or business attire? Also, that this product makes a positive contribution to the environment? Well it’s true! I didn’t think all of these things were possible but they are!

Rothy’s shoes are not only functional but they take their corporate stewardship towards the environment to a whole new level. As of current, over 28 million plastic water bottles have been repurposed into shoes. Yes, you heard me correctly, I said bottles into shoes. The soles are made from eco-friendly materials which are also carbon free. You are able to wash them in the washing machine, but must refrain from warm/hot temperatures which again creates energy saving. Finally, they use non-toxic vegan adhesive on all their shoes.

But the best part, these shoes are great looking and comfortable. I have always had problems wearing flats but not with these! You have a multitude of options to choose from regarding colors and shapes. And guess what!!!! They also have kids shoes for both girls and boys. I particularly enjoy the fun colors and the fact I can wash them.

They are an investment, but one that provides a positive environmental footprint (ha)!

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