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Prepping for Eating In while on Vacation

We love being able to take a break from the normal routine and experience life in new ways. We were headed out on a road trip and long weekend with our group of friends. We all made the decision that since we were staying in a house on the lake, we would rather take dinners at home opposed to going out to eat. Let’s be honest, this is a family trip and going out to dinner with a huge group of people with kids in tow isn’t always the most enjoyable. That being said, I was tasked with the meal planning and prep for the “team”.

Do not be overwhelmed or scared. The secret is to build the recipes so that you are using similar ingredients and condiments. This is NOT the time to try out all those new recipes that you have stacked on your counter from your Food & Wine Magazine.

This was a four-day, three-night adventure in the mountains of Idaho. That being said, I wanted to plan easy items that could be pulled together quick, and provide yummy nourishment.

When I plan, I build it out in a spreadsheet, so that I can quickly break it out and have a visual.

For this trip, we also decided that each family would do their own breakfast and lunch as we had all decided to take on different daily adventures. However, there was communal snacks and beverages for anyone to partake.

A three-night sample dinner idea is as follows: 1) Roasted Salmon and veggies with your choice of starch 2) White Chicken Chili in the Instapot (Condiments are cheese, sour cream, avocado, lime) 3) One pan chicken fajita (Once again using the same condiments from the night before) The trick is to not make it too hard on yourself. Cook what you like to eat and cook with love!

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