Practical Mother's Day Gift

I'm not one for knick knacks (and my hubbs would just lose his mind with more "junk" in the house), I'd much rather something I can use and as much as I love flowers, it seems like a waste of money since they are extremely perishable. But I can't keep plants alive in the house either - at least for long. So what in the world could someone give me for Mother's Day? ​

I love capturing moments in time. Especially moments that I know I will have a hard time recalling - such as just how small and fat my son's hands were when he learned to sit up. It takes a little bit more planning, and luckily Mother's Day is on Sunday at the end of the week, but a mug with a handprint is something I could use and would capture this year's Mother's Day moment perfectly. Frankly, anything with their hand or fingerprints on something useful would be a win in my book! ​

There are many paint-it-yourself places these days like Color Me Mine. It's fun place to get your art on and paint anything from Lightening McQueen piggy banks to beautiful keepsake platters for your best friend's wedding. Don't have a Color Me Mine or something similar nearby? You can also get Porcelain Markers and have your little draw on white dishware. After the markers dry, bake for 30 minutes to set (follow instructions on marker set) and voila! Link to where to buy on our website. ​

Whatever you end up gifting or getting this year, Happy Mother's Day. May this day remind you that mothers are important people in all of our lives and celebrate her/yourself!

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