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Portable Hot Tub

Summuh Time And The Living's Easy

So one day my husband comes home and says, "I bought a hot tub"..... First of all, I thought "Wow, that’s a big purchase to make without talking to me" then I thought, "where will we put it??"

He then proceeds to show me a picture of it and tells me it’s inflatable. You can imagine at this point how I was reacting on the inside, and what I was saying to him! I have to say I thought it would look terribly junky and be really weird.

I have had to eat all my words! We absolutely love it!! It’s not very deep and our daughter can easily stand up in it and be safe. It’s very sturdy and if we sit on the bottom we are covered up to our shoulders.

The only con is you can’t use it when it gets below 41 degrees. It’s small but perfect for our little family. For the price and upkeep it’s a total win for us!

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