Plane-time solved - Reading Eggs App

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Many parents stress about activities to keep their littles occupied on the plane and that definitely includes me.

While we limit screen time for our littles, we make an exception for the airplane and what could be better than if they are also building reading and math skills?

Our Kindergarten teacher introduced Reading Eggs to us this year. Our son loves the games and is always encouraged and excited when he earns points (which mean he completed the activities correctly). Parents can log into a portal and check-in on how their early reader and mather is progressing and it's been a lot of fun to see how far he's come in just a few short months. It can be accessed from a tablet, laptop, or phone. Your little has a personal account so they pick up where they left off regardless of what device they last logged on with.

Here is an easy link to Reading Eggs, or as always you can pop to the Shop.

As for our newly-minted 1-year old...I'm still brain-storming how to keep this little guy busy. His attention span seems shorter than K's when he was this age and I'm not ready to bring a lot of different toys to occupy him over the 4-hour flight. My carry-on is already going to be heavy with extra clothes and diapers and general babler (my new word for baby / toddler) stuff and what-not. He hasn't yet discovered coloring, I'm reluctant to bring toys that sing or make a lot of noise, he's not coordinated enough to navigate Sago Mini apps, he's the world's worst napper...snacks? I'll just bring lot of extra snacks? Any suggestions?

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