Parent-Tot Swim Classes

Parent-Tot Classes are a great way to get in some splashing fun!

Even though we totally did it, I will be the first to agree that ISR may not be the right fit for every parent and child. But there are a lot of parent-tot classes at swim schools and recreation centers that allow for really young children to get into the pool and get a feel for being in the water.

Parent-tot classes are a great way to introduce being in the water with your Little while giving them the security of being with a parent.

You end up singing a lot of fun songs, chasing little float toys, and meeting other cool parents, to name a few perks. But truly, Littles get a sense of what it is like being in a large body of water in a controlled manner and start thinking it's a fun and good thing.

The hard part is the logistics of right before and right after getting out so it's helpful to have another adult with you who can take the baby so the other who got in can get changed. Of course, I say that and there are plenty of parents each week who come while the other parent is at home with the other kiddos, so clearly, it's doable and don't let that be the thing that keeps you home!

Before getting into the pool with your Little, just check with your pediatrician if they are old enough to get in. Babies absorb a great deal through their skin so you want to make sure that you have the green light before getting into a chlorinated or brominated (is that a word?) pool.

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