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Outdoor Bathroom Hack

Photo Credit: Bluella

Spring and summer is the perfect time to get out for a hike with the little ones, but what do you do when nature calls? Depending on your kid’s equipment it can be easy, little boys find it pretty easy (and fun) to go water a tree, but for girls it’s not quite that easy and can frequently end with soiled clothing. So if you don’t want to completely strip down your child to use the restroom let me share a little trick to help.

The idea is simple, you become the toilet… okay that kind of sounds bad, but here’s how it works. Stand behind your child and have them lower their bottoms just like they were using a toilet, now grab the back of their legs just above the knee and pick them up in a bit of a reclining position with their feet elevated a bit, that’s it, now it’s time for the action. The only thing you need to watch out for is that their feet are high enough that the flow doesn’t spray them, the toilet normally catches the forward flow but without that you just need to keep the feet up so they don’t hit. Now simply set them down and do any final clean-up and get back to the hiking.

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