Organic Pest Control

Spring is here! And with that comes a lot of unwanted little pests in the house and yard. My son learned about being a naturalist in school and is horrified when I flatten a bug in the house (as opposed to catching and releasing for them to come right back in).

Luckily, I've found a really great organic pest control company called Nature's Way Pest Solutions. So that the ants, box elder bugs, name it - are taken care of before they come into our home. The proprietor, Cade, is fantastic and has many years of experience with what works well in our area and avoids spraying harsh chemicals. His methods have been effective and rarely has he needed to come into the house to spray. When he does he has used a rosemary and peppermint oil mixture that doesn't make me think twice with a baby.

I'm sure that there is also an organic pest solution company near you, if you too have had unwanted bugs but have been hesitant in calling because you have littles. Now I don't need to face a bunch of tears from a 5 year old because I flushed a tissue of ants down the toilet.

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