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Updated: Nov 16, 2019

We got to sit down and chat with Catherine McCord, cookbook author, Weelicious founder, mamma of 3, and founder of the new meal delivery service, One Potato, to discuss her latest and greatest.

TPM: What was the catalyst that started One Potato? Was there a need you felt needed to be addressed that other meal delivery services were missing?

CM: I was creating recipes for a meal company and during this time Weelicious families kept saying “we have the recipes and cookbooks, just send us the food”. I realized the company I was developing recipes for wasn't necessarily solving the family mealtime dilemma with its service and that there was a space for one that did. There’s such a desperation for meals that fit the exact size of your family, that are organic and take 12-30 minutes. It’s all about saving time, money and finding meals the entire family can enjoy together.

TPM: You originally started with Weelicious, which we love BTW. How much of those recipes are incorporated into the One Potato offering?

CM: Many of the One Potato recipes are based on the over 1500 Weelicious recipes created over the years. We started with the most popular recipes we knew kids and adults love and have grown it over time from there.

TPM: Are these recipes that you’ve refined with your own children’s pallets? How often do they still give input? What other input have you sought for your recipes with One Potato?

CM: We try as often as possible to make the recipes very DIY, so everyone in the family can have their meal the way they want it, while ensuring moms, dads and caregivers don't feel like a short order cooks.

We receive feedback and requests from families daily which is a key in creating new recipes. We’re grateful to have such a strong relationship with our families in the process.

TPM: What is your family’s favorite recipe offered with One Potato?

CM: Whoa! That’s tough. Chicken Burrito Bowls, Turkey Burgers with Fries and all the Homemade condiments, Chicken in Lettuce Cups, Polenta Lasagna and Salmon in Parchment with Asian Vegetables and Brown Rice are a few.

TPM: How has your family’s pallet evolved over the years? What is something those with young families can look forward to / watch out for?

CM: I find that my kids fall in love with new flavors, foods and combinations every day. I try to involve them at every turn by offering them a variety of healthy foods. I’m a working mom and could never have the time to come up with all the different meals we send from One Potato. It just makes dinner time more fun and much less stressful as you don’t have to menu plan and shop. We do all of that for you. In general I like to offer my kids “2 choices” at every turn. You can have the broccoli or zucchini, try the rice or the steak. By letting kids have 2 choices it make them feel in control about what’s going in their body.

TPM: Currently One Potato only delivers to a small number of states. What's the plan for delivery expansion?

CM: Right now we’re in CA, OR, NV, WA, AZ, CO, ID and UT, although we’re working on expanding to more states out west as soon as possible.

TPM: What’s the one take-away you’d like our audiences to have when they think of One Potato?

CM: Dinner time can be stress free! Our goal is to get families into the kitchen cooking, eating and talking together without the need to go out and over spend. It’s about saving time, money and feeling good mentally and physically.

TPM: What's next on the horizon for you?

CM: The Smoothie Project Cookbook comes out Jan 2020.

TPM: What’s one thing you wished you could do or had more time for?

CM: Playing with my kids. I love reading, drawing, going on walks and just spending time together. One Potato has bought me a few extra minutes every night to do some of our favorite things one on one and as a family.

TPM: Any last thoughts?

CM: Because the One Potato recipes are designed by families to feed the entire family, we take care that every ingredient is not only organic, but will also help moms and dads be their best selves at dinner. To that end, the sauces, dressings, and condiments are all made from scratch in the One Potato kitchen, and they have become a signature element to a One Potato meal. We hear from families daily that their children tried new foods simply because the dressing was so delicious. And that is what keeps us going!

We are so thrilled to tell our audience that One Potato is giving our audience an exclusive discount on your first order. Use "TPM30" at checkout!

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