One for you. One for me!

One for you and one for me!

Make a pistachio float for the littles, and a delicious adult treat - a chocolate Guinness float - modified from’s version. I like to pretty it up with green sprinkling sugar.

Pistachio float for littles: • 1 scoop of premium pistachio gelato • 6 oz cream soda of choice (chilled)

Scoop the pistachio gelato into a chilled glass. Slowly pour the cream soda over the ice cream and serve with straw.

For ADULTS Chocolate Guinness Float for adults • 2 (or more) scoops of chocolate ice cream • Chocolate syrup • Green sprinkling sugar • 6 oz Guinness Stout (chilled)

Pour a healthy amount of green sprinkling sugar on a plate/bowl. Slowly drizzle chocolate along the rim of the glass. Dip the glass rim with chocolate in the plate with green sprinkling sugar Scoop the chocolate ice cream into a chilled pint glass. Slowly pour the Guinness over the ice cream. Serve with a straw.

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