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Non-Candy Valentines

Valentine’s Day is always a lot of fun for school aged children. However, this year we have chosen to give non-candy valentines. With all the food allergies there are, it seems like a safe and fun alternative to include all children and allow everyone to be part of the fun.

Another great reason for non-candy Valentines is it seems like we find so much unnecessary sugar in our food. By choosing this alternative, we are allowing a fun interactive valentine without the added sugar which is good for them, you, and your child’s teacher😃

Also, with these non-candy options, each child will get something to play with or create such as cards that include a paint set with a card to paint, a ruler, a build your own monster, and so many more.

I am so happy that you can now give a great valentine without sugar and without leaving any kids out due to food allergies! You can find all sorts of non-candy/allergy friendly valentines at your local stores!

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