Nested Bean Sleep Sacks

Photo Credit: Nested Bean

I once saw the most ingenious parent hack on Pinterest. It was a picture of the most adorable sleeping toddler - she had beautiful curls that framed her cherub face and she was sleeping so soundly her little rosebud lips were parted open. She was sleeping on her stomach (discouraged by all the sleep experts and pediatricians these days, which is likely why I can't find this photo on Pinterest any longer) and the "hack" was a surgical glove filled with beans gently placed on this toddler's back. The caption read something to the effect of, "Hack #284 - How to get laundry done while someone sleeps!". Now in my newborn-sleep-deprived state, I have never been able to recall this hack which is why I'm incredibly grateful to the people who developed the Nested Bean sleep sack. Because it's basically the same thing but in actual sleep sack form so that I can remember to put this on Baby A! Nested Bean sleep sacks are designed in partnership with pediatric pulmonologists and can be used for babies at least 7 lbs. It's designed to mimic a parent's touch on baby's chest - or once they are rolling over and sleeping on their stomachs naturally, you can turn the sack around so it's weighted on their back - voila! a nod to that surgical glove of beans I can never remember. All Nested Bean products have been rigorously tested and exceed industry safety standards by 8 times, are breathable, and are toxin-free so you can rest assured and sleep just as soundly as baby. Find our affiliate link in here and always in our Shop.

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