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My Top Pick For a New Baby

Things your really Need…. Okay so need is a strong word, because let’s be real, these are all “great to have” and “man this makes life easier”. A comfortable chair. My recommendation is really researching this item within your budget constraints. You WILL spend a ton of time in this chair! So make sure that your butt and back are comfy because this little gem will be your “vacation home” for the next little while.

Baby Wipe Warmer- okay, okay, before you roll your eyes and think alright that is an extravagant item, let me tell you a story. You finally get your little one to sleep.You start to hear a little sniffle and realize that more than likely that baby needs a diaper change. You gently cradle your little one and place them in their groggy state on the diaper mat to change them. You feel like you are in an epic game of Jenga and in no way do you want to lose by waking your little one up. You reach for the baby wipe to gently clean your baby, and then BAHM that cold cloth on their bare butt wakes them up! You suddenly feel that you are in a Defcon status as the deafening cry gets louder and louder. Well this could have all been avoided with a nice warm baby cloth. Baby barely knows what has happened, and you can stager back unswervingly to your bed to attempt to get that next 30 minutes of bliss.

Support System- There is no shame in asking for help. You are going to have a lot of emotions, fears, joys, tears, and OH MY GOD what have I done moments. Make sure you have a support system that you know you can talk with and allow yourself to be real with. You are not alone, and I will stand by “It takes a village” because let’s be real, we are all doing our best every day.

Honestly, I could go on and on, but if possible don’t stress. You need to figure out what works for you, and trust me everyone has an opinion. But really, focus on number 2 on my list, yes you heard me, order it on amazon right away.

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