My favorite Thanksgiving Tradition

This is my cutie pie "eating his battle stick" one recent Thanksgiving.

In my family, we usually host Thanksgiving. Some years it's just our small family, other years all the relatives and loads of friends are also in town. It's hard to remember who was around for which year. To remedy that, several years ago, what we've started doing is having everyone autograph the tablecloth along with what they are grateful for that year. For the littles that can't yet write, they trace their hand or draw a picture (aka scribble) and an adult will write underneath the story they tell us that goes along with it. We have several year's worth of memories and each year is represented with a different color. It's getting quite colorful as the years have passed and our Thanksgiving tablecloth is a sweet reminder of all the years we've been lucky enough to spend together and where we were at that moment with what we're thankful for. Now that we've had many additions and some departures this tablecloth is ever more meaningful to me.

I just went to the fabric store and purchased a simple white durable fabric. I opted for a cotton and poly blend so that I wouldn't have to worry about a wrinkly tablecloth and ironing as family and friends are arriving for the feast. There are special permanent cloth markers that allow you to throw the tablecloth into the wash after dinner but the written memories and drawings stay intact. You can find a link here and also in the Shop link.

Happy Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving to you and yours this year. May 2019 have brought you many things to be thankful for and many more to look forward to.

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