Updated: Feb 26, 2020

If you are a nursing mom that has to be away from your babe for a couple of days, Milkstork can help you ship/transport pumped breastmilk.

It's as easy as ordering online and Milkstork will ship directly to your hotel (or wherever you need it) a day or so before your arrival. The Milkstork package is basically a disposable mini-cooler that has a top that can be activated to keep milk cool for over 72 hours.

There are various sizes of packaging depending on how many ounces you think you will need to safely transport and two types of transport options:

  1. "Pack & Tote" - where you pack it into the mini-cooler and then carry it home

  2. "Pack & Ship" - where you can create a shipping label and ship it directly (shipping costs are extra and will need to be figured out separately).

Each package comes with Lansinoh-brand milk storage bags - enough for whatever sized ounce-option you choose. Note that with my Medela-brand pump and accessories, I needed scissors (ended up bringing my own after my first Milkstork) to cut slits at the top of the Lansinoh-brand bags to hang off the Medela-brand "easy-connect bag adapter". I also brought my Willow pump with me and Willow pump bags didn't fit well when packed into the overall Milkstork storage pack. I ended up consolidating everything from my Willow bags into the Lansinoh bags and it worked out fine.

Milkstork Pros:

  1. Actual way to conveniently and successfully bring or ship pumped breastmilk home. No more hassle of asking for bags of ice at Starbucks in the airport and leaving a trail of melting ice everywhere you go!

  2. No need to pump and dump! Whoever said "don't cry over spilled milk' clearly was never a nursing mother.

  3. Less stockpiling - not that I ever made enough to "stockpile" but my colleagues often did this before trips.

  4. Continued milk supply while you are away from baby because you are still pumping.

  5. Small enough to put into carry-on

  6. Many companies offer it to nursing moms either through a company account or via travel reimbursement.

Milkstork Cons:

  1. Not all airport TSA agents are aware of Milkstork and screening time is longer than normal - even if you have a Global Entry Pass and are TSA approved. Plan for it.

  2. Unless you can consolidate with another bag, it counts as a personal item when using the Pump&Tote.

  3. Shipping can be pricey and reliability of shipment is dependent on shipment carrier. If you are out of the US, it may be or hassle or really difficult. Milkstork does not handle that logistic so you'll need to look into it.

  4. Disposable and not really recyclable.

Even with the few hassles listed above in the Con section, this product and service has been a god-send for me to keep nursing Baby A. The best part is, I've been able to put both Milkstork sizes into my carry-on purse/laptop bag so that I don't need to check anything (traveling with carry-on personal item). I prefer to travel without checking items so that I'm not waiting at baggage claim when in a rush to a meeting or conference call.

To be honest, I was little skeptical about how cold my breastmilk would actually be since when I "turned my Milkstork on" it wasn't too cold. But when I checked the temperature of the breastmilk bags when I got home I was pleasantly surprised (and very relieved). It was a good 38.5 degrees (F) after a 7-hour travel day from when I pulled it out of the hotel fridge and when I got home to store in my home refrigerator.

My company wasn't aware of Milkstork and so didn't know to offer it. But they were more than happy to reimburse me when I put in my expense report.

Colleagues and managers were well aware of our new family member, Baby A, so it wasn't a difficult conversation when I told my manager that I found this amazing service and would like to use it while on business travel.

We're so excited to share that from Feb 16, 2020 till the end of the month (Feb 29, 2020), can you use the exclusive code PICKYMOMMY for $10 off your Milkstork order!

Have you used Milkstork? What was your experience?

Here are some additional videos of my experience!

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