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The motto in our household before we had children was “Work Hard and Play Hard”. Now that we have kids, out of necessity, it’s evolved to “Work Hard, Play Hard, and Rest Hard”. Because if we’re not well-rested, we can’t be our best. As a parent, it’s been harder to prioritize self-care but now that we’re in baby-phase again, it’s needed more than ever.

I consider resting to be anything that helps you recharge. Sometimes, it’s making it to the exercise or yoga class or taking a longer shower than usual. Other times it’s getting in for a well-needed massage.

I forgot all the aches and pains my body goes through postpartum. And not just recovery from pregnancy and birth, but I’m talking the carrying, bouncing, rocking, and loving on 18 lbs of baby is hard on the back! …and hips…and shoulders…and…

I’ve found myself needing massages just so I can sit without my back bothering me these days. And I’m thankful for the membership I have with @massageenvy. It’s a national franchise so I’ve been able to take advantage of my membership while traveling across the country. As a member, prices are pretty reasonable, and honestly, because it’s a membership, I remember to use my massage credits more and get back to feeling like I can function again. The best part is when you don’t use your credits, they accumulate so they are waiting for you when you need a massage again. And if taking a longer hiatus, you can always freeze your membership also – like when I was pregnant and found myself going to @slprenatalmssg instead.

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