MamaStrut Postpartum Support Brace

Photo Credit: MamaStrut


I can recall one of the strangest feelings of emptiness right after birth. In addition to that, all of a sudden the bowling ball you've been gutting around for the last while is missing, your core muscles are shot and your lower back surprisingly is achier than ever. Oh, and if you had a level-3 tear like I did, your youhoo-down-there isn't feeling too great either (thank goodness for peri bottles!). I also recall the hospital giving me ice-filled gloves that didn't really stay put in the ginormous mesh undies on the maxi-pad. And it wasn't just any maxi-pad...oh no. This thing was wrapped from my belly button, below and around to the lower back. The stickers didn't quite stick on the mesh undies so it would periodically shift. I'm talking this was the epitome of bringing sexy back.

Be prepared, skip the craziness, and pack a mamstrut (or two) in the hospital bag. It's like spanx shorts with a built in belly band and pelvic-ice packs. You can literally strap ice packs to stay put down there and it's amazing.

Not only strap on ice packs, but it gives you the stability and lower back support, hip support, ab support, compression therapy needed for immediate aftershock of birthing a baby.

With so much happening the first few days and weeks after a new baby, help yourself (or a friend) out by having your personal comfort off the worry list.

Some insurance even cover it so give that a look-see as well.

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