Mama Feels Good Nursing Shirts

Cheers to the shirt that makes breastfeeding easier. I’ve always been envious of the moms who are so good at nursing their kids that you don’t even know they are doing it. They are discreet and in the open and most of all, confident. The confidence astounds me.

Here were my personal issues with nursing in public: 1. I don’t wear belly shirts and I’m not into exposing my chest. This left me with the option of using a nursing cover 2. I’m not good at finagling a nursing cover, and really, I feel like it actually drew more attention to the fact that I was nursing a baby and frankly baby hated it too. Honestly, would you like wearing a blanket over your head while you eat? 3. I often got cold while nursing because my midsection was exposed With second baby, I’m so SO pleased to say that I’m over all of that nonsense with my Mama Feels Good nursing shirts. Perhaps my Give-a-Sh*t meter is broken, but seriously, I’m not faced with any of those issues from the first baby with this shirt. My Mama Feels Good nursing shirts are double layered in the torso, so it’s never drafty around my midsection, easy access for nursing the little guy, and made of super soft cotton. It’s been easier this time around, but I’m so incredibly grateful that I found these confidence-building nursing shirts, because now I don’t need to wrangle a silly cover or find a hidden spot or worse yet - use the ladies room (seriously, can people stop suggesting the bathroom to feed a baby? We don’t eat there, why would it be ok to feed the most immune-vulnerable there?) In addition to the practical functionality, the shirts have cute logo and slogans on them too like “Mother ship”.

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