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M'lis Natural Therapy Detox Cleanse

A few times a year I feel like my body needs a good reset from my regular diet to rid the toxins and remind me which foods make me feel slow. This is especially true after a vacation, holidays, or a busy time with work and family.

My favorite detox cleanse is from M’lis Natural Therapy. The Total Body Cleanse contains 7 days of guidance, supplements, and essential greens drink to help your body release the toxins. The program starts with consuming only fruits, veggies, fish, poultry, nuts and of course A LOT of water. Day 3, 4, 5 of the program you are only consuming a Lemonade Mixture, water or herbal tea to help your body flush the toxins and reset your digestive track. Day 6 and 7 you ease into solids again with only fruits and veggies and of course M’lis MRP- Instant Meal (orange flavor is yum).

You can complement this cleanse with several other M’lis products such as Daily Antioxidant Essentials, Hello Skinny Jeans Supplements or Heart Healthy Essentials which each part of my cleanse for gaining a boost of energy.

On day 8 you wake up with a fresh new perspective on your health. As you begin to eat normally you can quickly identify any foods that your body may have a difficult time processing and work to eliminate those foods from your diet.

Other benefits include incredible sleep and the satisfaction that your mind is stronger than your appetite. Take note that participating in cardio during day 3, 4, 5 may be harmful to you, it is a good time to let your body work at cleansing rather than strengthening your muscles and heart. I know there are many detoxes and cleanse options out there, M’lis is my favorite! Which detox and cleanse is your favorite for your health?

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