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Loft Bed

I love my wonderful little bungalow cottage home. However, part of the historic charm means we have smaller bedrooms. The only issue this causes is my little one had a hard time playing in her room, because there wasn’t a lot of space between her bed and dressers. She also didn’t have a space to do her homework besides our dining room table.

I began to research and found many different types of Loft Bed options. This was awesome! Not only did it fit the mattress she already had, but we were able to consolidate her furniture and reorganize her bedroom.

Now she has the ability to play with her friends, do her homework, create a “pirate ship”, and store all of her cloths and toys in an organized manner. This has been a deal changer for us. She loves to play in her room and have her friends over. I love that we can work together to clean her bedroom and keep things organized for her.

Also, we were able to find some super fun LED lights at IKEA that change color and attached them underneath the bed into the office space area. A cute way to allow her to choose the color and add mood lighting.

This bed is made of solid wood, and is GREENGUARD certified. GREENGUARD Certification helps manufacturers create--and helps buyers identify--interior products and materials that have low chemical emissions, improving the quality of the air in which the products are used. This is another aspect that made me happy with our choice and selecting an environmentally safe option.

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