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I recently learned from a friend that what your child eats the first 1000 days of their life has irreversible affects on their lifetime health. Knowing this and knowing that we want to be able to travel to far and different places (so we wanted an adventurous eater), we recently started Baby A with Little Spoon. Not only does Baby A love it, Little K has been asking for it and to be totally honest, I've been eating them as a healthy snack as well!

For those who are unfamiliar with Little Spoon, here is the skinny - they provide all organic, highly nutritious, highly delicious foods at the appropriate times you should be introducing the foods to your baby. Starting with basic puree fruit blends to chunky-style fruit and veggie medleys, they have your little covered. With the guidance of medical professionals Little Spoon will literally help you create a blueprint and roadmap of what foods to introduce and when for optimal development and to help your baby develop an adventurous pallet and then...waaaaait for magically shows up at your door!

We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to chat with Michelle Muller, Co-Founder and Chief-Mom at Little Spoon, and mom to three boys.

Michelle, what was the catalyst for starting Little Spoon?

I'm originally from Texas, where food is a big deal, but not always the healthiest. Even before I had children I started looking into and spending time considering food as medicine and fuel. So there was this natural segue when I had my first son to look into the same concept with health and nutrition for baby. I was quickly overwhelmed in a big way making my own baby food.

Just doing all of the nutritional research was 8 – 10 hours, and then to prepare a diverse menu for baby because I wanted an alternative to shelf stable baby food that is devoid of flavor and nutrition - who has time for that?

I saw this disparity and wanted to do something about it. It took a while because we wanted to find the right kitchen and set it up the right way because it is made for babies. Very FIRST bite of solids is a BIG deal. We have pristine and perfected food handling processes in our kitchen.

When should parents consider Little Spoon and for how long?

Parents start because of different reasons. We have a pediatric nutrition council and dietician who have given a lot of thought and science into our Little Spoon meals for growth and development. In general, 6-11 months is a sure fire strike zone for most babies to start on Little Spoon. Length of time is also individual to kid. We have children who order until at least until 11 months, up to 3 years old using Little Spoon as an after-school snack. Each is a full serving of veggies.

We have a direct relationship and ship directly to parents, so we have a direct line of communication and get REAL-Time feedback. We have between 3000-4000 inquiries on our customer care line on a weekly basis. So we are agile and can adjust immediately.

What is something that sets Little Spoon apart?

A lot of customers are so pleasantly surprised by the variety – we have a rotating menu based upon season; pumpkin spice blend that tasted like pumpkin pie. We have a fun flavor for spring – strawberry rhubarb. We are constantly changing and ordering with the season, 25 different flavors to choose from over 80 different ingredients.

We are big believers in early exposure. Parents have a beautiful window of opportunity between 6-18 months when children are really receptive to new ingredients. And it’s exciting! The more you can get them to try the better – kids are all about familiarity. And varying textures – we have combos with chunks designed to set the kids up to start chewing.

In addition to variety, more importantly, Little Spoon is on average ½ the price of others. So value is more with Little Spoon. We offer 3 different meal plans, every 2 weeks. By doing this we can pass on a discount with bundles. It's almost comparable to what is in the grocery stores and other delivery services are double the price. We have prioritized accessibility with our meals – they are for anyone. We make sure that savings are passed onto our parents from operations whenever possible. Proper nutrition and adventurous diet should be accessible to everyone.

Parting thoughts for our parents reading?

Consider Little Spoon a lever of self- care. So much time comes back to the parent each week. Little things where you can grab back moments of time is so important. Time is the most valuable asset as a parent. So anything to help you connect with kids and partner is such a value.

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