• Sarah

Letters to Your Little One While Away

Leaving my little one for the first time while my husband and I traveled on our first long solo trip was hard. However, it was so important for my husband and I to spend that time together, and also for my little one to spend time with her grandparents.

To make the time a little more bearable for both of us, I decided to write a letter to her with a small gift that she could open for each day that we were gone. I knew our itinerary well enough that I could speak to highlights that we would be seeing, and I left her a map so that she could follow along during our adventure.

She loved it and every morning she looked forward to the next day. I ensured to wrap gifts that were also activities for her so she had things to do to keep her mind off not being able to be with us.

Overall it went by too quickly (don’t all vacation do?), but I think this little trick made the world of difference for her.

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