"Kid Champagne"

PC: @martinelliscider

What we call "kid champagne" in our house is actually Martinelli's Sparking Apple Cider. If you haven't tried it yet, it's pretty delish and it gives kiddos a fun and non-alky way to celebrate the new year (or any special occasion) while adults have a sparkly bevvy for the 21 and older crowd.

Serving it as-is is certainly a treat for our little, but if you dress it up - my goodness - it will be unforgettable! You can serve it in a fancy non-breakable glass, with fruit to dress it up or small sprigs of rosemary.

Those that are pregnant, DD or just not partaking will also enjoy this delightful drink that comes in a champagne bottle!

Happy new year, friends! Here's to an amazing 2020!



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