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Instant Pot

Balancing all of the challenges of the day-to-day tasks can take its toll on any parent. Ensuring that I am spending quality time with my family, getting my kid to where she needs to go, picking up the house, running errands, tending to my full-time job, and praying that I can still provide a healthy meal option at the end of the day has me running a mommy marathon daily.

I love cooking, in fact, it used to be one of my favorite past times B.C. (before children). However, despite my busy schedule, there are days I really just want to cook and prepare a homecooked meal. For a long time, I thought that option was out for me, unless I was on my A-game and had planned ahead of time to prepare a crockpot dish or had everything prepped and ready to cook when I got home.

Well, I am proudly introducing to you, the “game-changer”-- the Instant Pot! This thing is awesome, and not in a 2:00am infomercial kinda way. I mean a real game changer that is versatile. So not only am I able to prepare quick and healthy meal options, but it also has multiple functions (such as a slow-cooker) to save space in my pantry or on my counter. . The Instant Pot can cook raw chicken from the freezer, or prepare perfect spaghetti squash both in 7 minutes (and yes you heard me correctly, 7 minutes!). I have prepared pasta dishes, cooked beans from a dry state, or made some amazing meat dishes in less than an hour. I put the items in, turn it on, and walk away! This tool allows me to make quick tasty dinners, or take my time and focus on a more complex meal.

I rave about it to all of my friends, and guess what, they cave in, they buy, and then I get a thank-you note! So, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you obtain this kitchen must! Your family will be happy about the wonderful tasty meals, and you will be happy that you have a few more precious moments of the day to spend it on whatever your heart desires.

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