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Instacrate Hack

I have a little secret hack to share with you today. The InstaCrate! I take it with me to the

grocery store, Costco, friend’s dinner parties, dance recitals, just about anywhere that requires me to take stuff or bring stuff home.

The InstaCrate is a collapsible and sturdy crate that you can fold into a flat rectangle when not using. It’s small enough to store in a nook (like between the washer and dryer) but opens up to a useful tool. I love how it keeps me organized and helps me pack all sorts of stuff in an

organized package. When I take it shopping it is sturdy enough for Costco stuff. When I take it to a dinner party, I have no concern about spilling and clean up in my car. This crate is so useful you can find me using it just about anywhere.

Ok, your turn, tell me how you keep yourself organized when you are taking stuff to and from

and everywhere!

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#easyshopping #foldable #Costco #collapsable #getorganized #organization #usefulstuff

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