Individual Swim Lessons For Your Little

A good swim teacher is hard to find.

I'll be the first to admit we've gone through a bunch. But now that we're with Nancy at Swimkids, we sure feel lucky to see her on a regular basis.

There are group swim lessons for children but we didn't see real improvement until we did individual private lessons. What I've also noticed is that individual lessons are also much shorter than group lessons. Ours are only 15 minutes and that's all it takes to see improvement each week.

It's important to find a teacher that allows your Little One to feel safe while pushing them to try new things. It's a hard combo to match and it'll depend on your Little's temperament.

Some kiddos need a strict teacher to tell them what's what, while others need gentle coaxing before they'll attempt something new and milestone-big like getting across the pool longways without help.

You may need to cycle through a few teachers and that's ok. Most swim schools or rec centers understand that and will allow you to check out a few teachers to see who is a good fit.

I would also recommend chatting up some of the other parents who are also waiting around the pool to see what their teacher is like and how their Little is progressing, if you aren't super excited about your teacher. Maybe their teacher would be perfect for you and your family.

Our little guy got to go off the diving board after meeting the requirement of swimming the long length of the pool by himself. It's hard to tell in this picture, but that's the face of pure joy!

And it's the feeling I wish upon all of your Littles when they get into the pool.

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