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Making Time

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

I came across a great article “How do breaks help your brain? 5 Surprising Answers” from Psychology Today written by Meg Selig. It stressed the importance of “breaks”. Now raise your hand (mine is already up) if you want to take a minute, or an hour to yourself whether it be at home, work, errands etc., yet you feel this strange amount of guilt by the thought? It’s okay… there is no shame here! I have felt an increasingly amount of pressure in my life and when I really reflect on where it is coming from, most of the time, it is from that friendly face in the mirror.

This article made me stop and think about what can I do in my own life to help give my brain a power boost and for me I try to at least move 8000 steps (I work in an office), work out at least 3 times a week, and utilize my standing desk at work, or take a moment to meditate and reflect in quiet before bed.

Before you stop reading, let me entice you further. Per Ms. Selig’s article by taking breaks throughout your day you will start to see improvement in these areas:

  1. Essential for your physical and emotional health (as little as 5 minute breaks)

  2. Prevent decision fatigue (helps keep you current and deliberative)

  3. Restore motivation (you CAN accomplish your long term objectives)

  4. Increases productivity and creativity

  5. Helps consolidates memories and improve learning

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