I'm soooo biiiig...

When I was pregnant with my second son, like many who had had more than 1 pregnancy will attest, your belly just pops so much faster. Before I was through my first trimester, there was no hiding the fact that I was pregnant.

This also meant that my belly needed support sooner and so did my aching low back. Rather than holding my big belly up with my arms, I opted to use the Bellaband by Ingrid and Isabel. It's soft and stretchy but firm enough to hold up my belly. It's also thin enough to wear under clothes without bulk and awkwardness and doesn't add to being hot (for those who are always hot when carrying!)

The Bellaband is machine washable and comes in several colors so it's easy to blend with the clothing that you are wearing.

Many maternity pants already have something similar built in, but there are many clothes that I wore that did not and having the Bellaband was really helpful in easing me through the day.

So it's you're looking for an option to help with belly comfort, this might prove helpful.

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