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I love St. Patrick's Day!

I’m not sure why I love St. Patty’s Day so much. I think I just have really fond childhood memories of lots of green and excitement surrounding finding that special “Pot O’ Gold”. I remember vividly being in 1st grade and received a small dixie cup with some powder in it. Then we added the magic liquid (milk) and it turned into a tasty treat (pistachio pudding). For some reason, six-year-old Sarah thought that was the coolest thing ever, and man did I love that pudding! (still do)

I think part of the thrill was the possibility of catching a leprechaun and then getting to receive his pot of gold. As a little kid, that much gold could buy the world. I don’t think much changes as we get older, we kinda hold on to the “What-if” (think about how many lottery tickets are purchased daily). But that magic, that possibility, that interesting creature of mischief, always leaving his own unique mark behind.

So that brings me to the night before prep. I love to keep that magic going and in doing so here are a few ideas for you:

• Paint tiny little green foot prints walking across paper (or if water-based paint) your kitchen counter. I like to make a kidney bean shape and then use my pinky for three to four dots for toes. • Sprinkle green glitter in the toilet

• Leave chocolate gold coins somewhere where your little one will find them in the morning. You can also use them as a trail to a note or a little gift.

• Use green food coloring to change the color of milk in your fridge • Leave behind some fun St. Patty’s Day treats: necklaces, shamrocks, or my favorite Lucky Charms

Remember the most important thing is you do all of this when your child is asleep or unsuspecting, because everyone knows leprechauns are tricky and quick and love to continue their mischievous ways.

What do you do for St. Patty’s Day for your little one?

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