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Finding a hotel near Disneyland can be tricky so here are some tips that might help you on your way.

Staying at a Disneyland property:


  • You get early entrance every morning

  • If you have little ones it’s nice to be able to be right there whether it’s a blowout, nap time or just needing warmer clothes for the evening! ¬ You can also use your room key for all on-site charges and anything you buy can be sent to your room directly. ¬ At the end of the day, when everyone is tired it’s nice to have a two-minute walk back to your room!


  • It can be very expensive, at slower times of the year they do offer a 10-20% discount.

  • No breakfast included

  • No free parking

Staying at a neighboring hotel:


  • Less expensive

  • Close proximity hotels offer about the same walking distance as some of the Disneyland hotels

  • Most include continental breakfast

  • Some hotels offer free parking


  • You have to carry any purchases with you

  • No early entry

  • Quality of hotels may vary

Recommendations: The Eden Roc, located on the back side of California Adventure, offers clean, updated rooms at an affordable price, they also offer free parking and are within a reasonable 15-minute walk to Downtown Disney. The rooms are very large and they have plenty of plugs for all your electronics to charge up! No continental breakfast though. If you are looking to go back and forth throughout the day this may not be the hotel for you, but the clean big rooms at an affordable price make this one a winner!

If you’re looking for across the street, we like the Desert Inn and Suites. It’s not the most updated but it’s clean. They have great suite options and configurations. With a wall and door that separate the two rooms you can allow kids to sleep longer while you get ready to go in the morning, or when you want to further cut costs and share a room have privacy. It’s like having two rooms for the price of one. They do offer a continental breakfast, nothing fancy-fruit, cereal, pastries, and juice. The best part of all is that it’s directly across the street so it’s a 5 min walk to the park!

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