Hosting a Spooktacular

Hosting a Halloween party can be a lot of fun and not a lot of work with a little prep. I like to incorporate fun and spooky food for an added chilling charm!

Here are some fun and spooky food ideas:

  • Spider dip = 7-layer dip with a web designed with sour cream and spiders made out of olives

  • Finger food = mozzarella cheese sticks wrapped in cured meat

  • Pumpkin patch = clementine oranges with jack-o-lantern faces drawn on them

  • Mummy wraps = quesadillas with extra tortilla strips or mini hot dogs with crescent roll strips

  • Tombstone sammies = halved sandwiches with “RIP” written on them

  • Caterpillars = grapes on a stick

  • Spooky cupcakes displayed on a pirate ship

Other considerations to include - Halloweeny tablecloth, potions for drinks, and theme-colored plates and utensils.

And of course don’t forget the costumes!

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