Hatch Grow Diaper Pad

What is better than a soft and safe place to change a squirmy baby’s diaper? One that can also tell you how much your baby weighs and even how much they have eaten in a breast-feeding session. It’s true. The Hatch Grow is this magical diaper pad that can do all of the above.

Because of the material it is made of, there is no need for covers that need to be changed and washed. It’s water-proof and easily wipes clean, comes in two colors (gray and white) for those who are décor-consious, and is pretty accurate with its weight measurements – we checked ours against the one at our pediatrician’s office. The Hatch Grow integrates with the Hatch Baby app (free for iPhone and Android) that allows you to collect and track how much your little one has eaten and grown. If you’re diligent about inputting sleep schedules and pump sessions, it can also help you track that too!

The Hatch Grow has given our family peace of mind in knowing the little guy is eating enough and actually growing. With all the things new parents worry about with newborns, this was a gift to not have to worry about that also!

So new parents, be sure to put this on your registry. New grandparents and friends, do your new-parents a favor and gift this to them – you’ll be the rockstar gifter for it!

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