Hape Puzzles and Toys⁣⁣

My Kindergartener has workbooks and school has sent over home curriculums to continue on their exploration of space. So he's well occupied during the day.⁣⁣


My toddler, however, besides the structure that we've put in place (see Monday's post on our home schedule) can quickly go crazy - along with the grandparents that are tasked to keep everyone safe and on track while we are "in the office" from home.⁣⁣


We have a number of Hape brand toys and puzzles that have come in handy and have kept our toddler engaged. Many of the puzzles we have are for kids a little older (from his older brother) but I've been pleasantly surprised at how quickly his skills have advanced to play with them. So maybe we should have given him these puzzles even earlier!⁣⁣


We have links to some of our favorite puzzles.⁣⁣





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